Kayak sea trips in Bulgaria and Greece, camping on some virgin beaches, incredibly beautiful spots that can be reached only by water. 


The caves in Kamen Briag, the wild estuary of Kamchia river, Veleka river, Karaagach river, the Greek islands and lagoons in Halkidiki. 


You can do all this sitting in a kayak and rowing slowly surrounded by the beauty and calm of the water expanse.

White water kayaking, tourist and sea kayaking

Flatwater kayak


Tour on the Danube river from the western border of Bulgaria until the city of Silistra. Camping on the wild river islands, observation of the local flora and fauna but most of all some really peace and quiet time.


We organisekayak trips in Bulgaria and abroad. Just let us know which river you would like to tour and we can discuss the possibilities together.


Let’s paddle together

Whitewater kayak

White water kayaking – an attractive and very dynamic sport for water lovers. 

Courses duration varies from one to seven days on the Struma river. 


Private lessons are also available. Accommodation in a private hotel or camping. Professional instructors, transport and equipment. 

After the beginners’ course you can kayak other Bulgarian rivers as well as rivers abroad. 

We also organise kayak trips.

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