Team building

Adventure game

Your team in an emotional game filled with riddles with the idea to improve the communication and teamwork in your company or organisation. Being put in different situations together, team members will have to cooperate on a new level and find they have unsuspected skills. 


This will improve the work climate in your companiy and create a very friendly atmosphere with each different stage of the game. The challenges and the competitiveness of the team building sessions allow for each member of the team to surprise the others and themselves by showing new traits of their characterand skills. 

This donates to an improved communication and creativity within the team and is a key factor for achieving higher goals for your organisation or company. And not to forget that teambuilding trips are always a lot of fun, positive emotions and victories.

Organization of team building activities

There is no better way to get your team out of the office and into nature and achieve better teamwork and results than doing white water rafting together. Let us take you to the Kresna river and get soaked.


White water, waves, riddles on the banks of the river that will guide you to the hidden treasure but most of all great fun, positive emotions and the beauty of Pirin mountain for you and your team

We organise team building sessions in the form of a paintball tournament at a venue, especially prepared for the occasion, secured with safety nets, inflatable bunkers and proffessional judges. Apart from the fun and entertainment, such teambuilding experience is very beneficial for developing teamwork skills, promotes the importance of each member of the team and makes coworkers work together for a common goal. Through this type of teambuilding experience you have the opportunity to better evaluate the skills and responsibilities of your employees and allow them to let some steam off after working hard in an office environment. This experience is siutable for large groups, in fact, the more, the merrier!!!

Paintball game

Rafting game

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