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You can buy thebest brands of HIGH quality equipment from our online e-shop “Trip Elements Extreme and Green Outdoor Shop” or directly from our shop in Chepelare, where you can find or rent also a good second hand equipment.
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In the mountain
Tents meant for hiking /alpine tents/ are relatively lightweight, made from quality materials that perform well in various atmospheric conditions. 
These few rental models have been personally tested by us in the high regions of the Bulgarian mountains. 
After you have tested and liked a specific model, you can purchase the equipment /a brand new kit/.



Our rental bikes are DRAG, suitable for cross country trails as well as family scenic trips.


For your camp
We are renting all you need for your camping holiday /sleeping bags, mats, tents, etc./. 
All gear is by one of the leading producers of mountaineering gear FERRINO 
and has been personally tested by our team of professional mountain guides. 
After you have used and tested the gear, you have the opportunity to purchase the same brand new gear directly from the distributer for Bulgaria.


The backpack is one of the most important pieces of gear for a hike in the mountains. 
The backpacks we are offering are made of high quality materials by one of the best manufacturers in the field FERRINOand have been personally tested by our team of professional mountain guides. 
If you like the gear you have the possibility to purchase brand new gear of the same model directly from the distributer for Bulgaria.

Mountain and camping equipment rentals bicycles

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