Paintball in a forested area or in abandoned industrial sites is one of the oldest formats of this game, recreating real battle scenarios. 

The players gain team work experience and learn basic orientation and survival skills in surroundings unfamiliar to them.


Get your friends to go, pick the area and we will design and organise a paintball challenge especially for you. If you have no spot in mind, we will make sure to offer you a few really good ones!


                                                       100 balls + equipment – 19 lv.

                                                       200 balls + equipment – 29 lv. 


                                                 Each additional 100 balls costs 10 lv.



For professionals and not only them

Paintball as a sport, practised on especially designed for the purpose grounds /45 by 25 meters Sup air field/ is the royal discipline around the world for the past ten years in this fast developing sport. 

The gear and paintball guns are different than those for the usual scenario games – they are not painted in camouflage and are technologically more advanced /shooting speed of a professional paintball gun is around 11 rounds per second/. 

Trees are substituted by inflatable bunkers/barricades. 


You can sign up for sports paintball with us and our proffessional instructors will teach you the skills and strategies needed for a successfull game. 

You can also sign in for the Bulgarian proffessional series /PPS/ with us!

Paintball games, tournaments and team building

We organise team building sessions in the form of a paintball tournament at a venue, especially prepared for the occasion, secured with safety nets and proffessional judges. 


Apart from the fun and entertainment, such teambuilding experience is very beneficial for developing teamwork skills, promotes the importance of each member of the team and makes coworkers work together for a common goal. 


Through this type of teambuilding experience you have the opportunity to better evaluate the skills and responsibilities of your employees and allow them to let some steam off after working hard in an office environment. 

This experience is siutable for large groups, in fact, the more, the merrier!!!

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