Free Ride

Powder, fairy winter scenes of the the covered with snow peaks, the steep untouched slope on which you will ride poured by waves of snow and adrenalin. Which will rush through your vanes. There is nothing to be told about this new and extreme style at skiing and snowboarding. If you have decided that it is time to put behind your back the maintained slopes and to change the carving ski with wide free-ride ski then we are next to you.
Our instructors and guides with introduce you with the technique for riding in deep snow and non-maintained terrain. Basic rules for riding in non-maintained terrain and going through untouched slopes with minimum efforts. For more advanced riders improving the technique of riding in deep snow and non-maintained terrain, as well as getting through off-the-track route with moderate difficulty.
Extreme skiing is one of the most beautiful sports and its practice brings such a satisfaction and pleasure, which could be compared with very few other activities.

Free ride course

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