Looking for a good way to spend the weekend? 

Go fishing with your family and friends.

You can enhanse such a trip with a hike in the mountain, rafting or another activity from our website. We can provide you the fishing gear and spice things up with a barbeque out in the open.


Fishing lessons.


Good luck!

For fun


For those that have already tasted the thrill of fishing and want to find out what it feels like to have something bigger on the other side of the fishing rod.

Throphy fishing /catfish, carp, pike/ our guides know the right spots and will give you valuable tips to improve your fishing skills. 


We organise fishing trips in Bulgaria and abroad /Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, etc./ with guides that know the area well.


Fishing gear rental. Fishing lessons.

Good luck!

Discover the beauty of our gorgeous scenery combined with masterful 

discipline in fishing “fly fishing.” 

Fly Fishing for trout. 

We organize tours all over the country and neighboring countries experienced fishing guides with years of practice. 


Fishing school.


Good luck!


Pro fishing

Sport and professional fishing

Fly fishing

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