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Children camps in Rhodope mountain

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When we were in school, each summer we got out in the open and hiked the Bulgarian mountain trails. Now we want to show that feeling of freedom and beauty to you with our summer trips for season 2013.

Rhodopi mountain trips


1. Town of Chepelare – National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen – Momchil Yunak hut – Hajdushki polyani area – Preapa hut – Svoboda hut – Karadjov kamak – Vrata village /4 day hike/

2. Smolyanski ezera hut – Snejanka peak – Izgrev hut – Wonderful bridges – Roman road – Persenk peak – Modarska cave – Varhovrah village – Hrabrino village /7 day hike/

3. Gela village – Ledenitsata cave – Mugla village – Chairski lakes region – Trigrad village – Bujnovo village – Yagodina cave /9 day hike/

4. Waterfall canyon and the springs Arda river /7 day hike/


For a detailed schedule /day-by-day/, please contact our team

How to build a fire, how to make your camp, use a map and compass and follow trails in the mountain. Learn about the animals, trees, herbs and use them. This is a part of the skills we will teach your child in our camp in Rhodopi mountain at the bottom of peak Mechi Chal above the town of Chepelare.


Western Rhodopi – childrens mountain camp


22.06.2015 – 28.06.2015                 06.07.2015 – 12.07.2015 

13.07.2015 – 19.07.2015                 27.07.2015 – 02.08.2015

10.08.2015 – 16.08.2015                17.08.2015 – 23.08.2015

Price:  214 Еuro



Day 1. Arrival and introduction with the team. Accommodation in “May Snow” guest house. Lunch. Afternoon walk around the town of Chepelare, cultural and historical talk bout the area and visit to the museum of the Rhodopi Karst. Discussion and an afternoon lemonade. Dinner and briefing on the tasks for the followind day.

Day 2. Breakfast. Preparation for the day. Minibus trip to the Wonderful bridges natural phenomenon. Short hike to the Skalni mostove hut /1.30 hrs/ and introduction to the basic rules of mountaineering and following mountain trails. Lunch in the open. Return to the Wonderful bridges and a walk around it. Introduction to a zip line, basic alpine skills and equipment. Trip back to the town of Chepalare. Debriefing on the days activities and leisure time. Dinner. Briefing on the following day’s activities.

Day 3. Breakfast. Preparing for a hiking trip to “Mechi chal” hit /2-3 hrs/. Instruction on how to prepare your hiking route, orientation skills and reading maps. Lunch at the hut and a lecture on safety and basic CPR in the mountain by the Mountain Rescue Service. Return to the town of Chepelare. Debriefing and leisure time. Dinner. Briefing on the next day activities.

Day 4. Breakfast. Preparing for the day. Trip with a minibus to the Trigrad Gorge and the Yagodinska cave. Visit to the Devil’s throat cave and lcture on it’s history and formation. Hikefrom Trigrad village to Yagodina village /2 hrs/ and Yagodina cave. Lunch in the open on the way on top of the Trigrad Gorge. Visit at the Yagodina cave. Trip back to the town of Chepelare. Debriefing and leisure time. Dinner. Briefing on the next day activities.

Day 5. Breakfast. Cultural visits in the town of Chepelare and leisure time. Visit to the Ski and sports museum in town. Lunch. Preparation of the group for a hike to the National Astronomical Observatory in Rozhen. Dinner. Hike to the observatory and a lecture on the operation and goals of the Observatory. Observation of the night sky, Milky Way and the Moon through the telescope. Night hike with handheld torches back to Chepelare.

Day 6. Breakfast. Preparation of the group for a light hike to the Yanchovitsa region. Lecture on the rules for camping in the mountain and safety rules. Lunch. Setting up camp /putting up tents, preparetions for the night/, building up a camp fire. Preparing dinner. Dinner. Tales by the camp fire.

Day 7. Breakfast. Breaking camp and a light hike back to Chepelare. Leisure time and lunch. Farewell to the hosts and team. Departure.

Included in the price: Full board (sleeping,breakfast, lunch, dinner), qualified team (teacher, instructor “coach”, guides, mountain rescuer), equipment for the special activities, mountain insurance, transportation during the camp.

The price does not included: Inputs and fees for sites visited (average 3-4 lev object), transport to the town of Chepelare and back.


For more information and reservations, please contact our team.

Surf children camp in Black sea

Surfing, sand and lots of smiles on the Greek island Limnos.


For a detailed schedule /day-by-day/, please contact our team.

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