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The Team

Welcome mountain lovers and future friends,


This part of our website is dedicated to all of you that love and enjoy the mountain and to those that are about to taste the magic of the completely different world Bulgarian mountains have to offer. It is also dedicated to the adventure lovers that have made extreme sports a large part of their lifestyle and to those that are about to get their first taste of the adrenaline rush. Further, we dedicate this to all of you that, like us, want to see the breathtaking view of a sunset on top of a mountain peak after a day’s hike over and over again.

To the mountaineers that enjoy the peace and quiet up there where time seems to have stopped…

We are a team of friends that love doing all those things. We are dedicated to showing them to you and helping you get the best of your trip. We will make sure you get a taste for this free lifestyle, give you a spark of our enthusiasm and show you some of the most beautiful areas in Bulgaria that we have found for ourselves over the years. 

           Feel the spirit of the mountain with us! Let’s make some unforgettable memories together!!!








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